Astrological predictions for the first week of August

Here’s what the Astrology Zodiac signs has in store for us for the week from Monday 2 August to Sunday 8 August 2021. Forecasts by astrological consultant Mauro Perfetti: 

ARIES The week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – will push you to “confide” in who you put your trust in, in an attempt to find together the best solution on what to do. You will find that friendships founded on mutual loyalty will grow stronger and stronger. The others, those that are no longer reliable, will weaken, leaving a void which, however, will be easily filled by the arrival of new knowledge which will prove to be “useful” at a later time. If you have to work, you will be able to experience insights that, in addition to being profitable, will reinforce in you the idea that you cannot be successful alone. If you are looking for a new job, you can count on the right push. The weekend is perfect to fill up on pampering. The complicity with the partner will be enhanced in the insatiable game of seduction. And for those who are alone, there will be opportunities to meet someone special.

TURUS A magical astral conjunction is created in the sky that bodes well for a super week to be dedicated to love, fun and carefree. In all likelihood, especially on Thursday and Friday, you will find yourself in a position to leave aside the stress and disappointments of recent times to concentrate on well-deserved relaxation. The idea of ​​carving out a vacation, even if only for a couple of days, will be well received. The complicity with those you love will register a regenerating surge. For lonely hearts, the love season opens: Venus and Mars will be happy to give you some suggestive conquests. If you have to work, the management of commitments will be enriched with ingenuity and creativity but concentrate your inexhaustible perseverance on one goal at a time. On the weekend, do not sulk at all if something seems to be tangled up, especially for issues related to the house, your serenity is at stake.

GEMINI The spiteful astral location of Venus and Mars, from Virgo, represents a test to be overcome .. but only and if your relationship, be it love or friendship, can no longer guarantee you the serenity that is rightfully yours. The Stars will ask you to demonstrate the actual authenticity of your feelings, without neglecting even those of those who claim to love you. Under scrutiny, it is easy to rediscover being annoyed, grumpy and quarrelsome with the whole world. Be good and try instead to find out what it means to love and let yourself be loved. If nothing good happens, it means that those around you do not appreciate your innate honesty. But the week, despite everything, is fertile for your projects to sprout. If your life is sincerely a source of fulfilment, you will not encounter any major crisis, if not some lively clarification that will make it more unassailable than before. The weekend promises to be unforgettable .. from all points of view. Carve out a carefree holiday if you can .. and let yourself be embraced by Cupid, who will be happy to fulfil every request.

CANCER The friends and lovers of the Zodiac – Venus and Mars – from Virgo, will help you to revive your desire for emotions making you see only the beautiful things that everyday life can offer. You will certainly not spare yourself in making the people who are part of your life feel unique and special. You will find that the negative thoughts that persecute you, actually have no real reason to exist almost forgetting to be so anxious and possessive with those you love. Life as a couple will be enriched with complicity.  You will be motivated to break the monotony, surround yourself with bright and engaging people and leave those who complain about every stupid thing at home. Lonely hearts will be more fascinating than usual and definitely less hesitant to live unexpected, intriguing and sensual flirtations. If you are struggling with work, the management of commitments promises to be more hasty and productive. You will be able to assert yourself in the clarifications and more convinced in your ideas. The week is perfect for empowering teamwork.

LEO When the Sun returns to the position it had at the time of its birth, in addition to signaling the birthday period, it portends a strategic moment to assert itself in a completely new way. Illuminated by these Stars, the affections will receive more attention from you. The complicity with your loved one will be enriched in intensity, because you will be less nagging and much more protective than usual. But maybe it will be with friends (the real ones though) that it will be easier for you to express your concerns .. to find together the best solution in order to make your life more “alive” .. and definitely more generous with satisfactions. Shake off that strange feeling of inadequacy that Saturn brings with it. Only in this way will you be able to seize those unexpected and favorable opportunities that smell of luck .. and that suggest a real revenge. If instead of enjoying the well-deserved relaxation, you have to work, the week is superb to take back everything that has been granted to you with the dropper. Ideas will multiply as well as good opportunities to put them into practice will not be lacking.

VIRGO Thanks to Venus and Mars who rule in your sign, your authentic personality will shine in all its splendor without hypocrisy or falsehood. The desire to question yourself will rise, but the desire to say everything that is in your mind will also amplify, without paying too much attention to the consequences. Pay attention because – on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – there is the risk of causing quarrels and misunderstandings that are difficult to dissolve and to digest. Perhaps it is appropriate to postpone important decisions .. to avoid trampling the sensitivity of those in front of you. Having Mars in the sign means having a perfect mix of energy and luck that is truly unique in its kind you just need to know how to manage it with intelligence, without being in a hurry to recover the time you think you have lost. Thursday and Friday are the best days to sow fruitful insights the good harvest will not be long in coming. In love, it will be impossible to resist your daring courtship. For those who are alone there are unrepeatable chances to give life to unforgettable falls in love unprecedented.

LIBRA Almost all of the week, it will seem to stimulate in you the desire to get away from obligations and escape from responsibilities. As the days go by you will go from a feeling of uncertainty to a revenge. How ? With the awareness that it is no longer time to dig up disappointments .. but to make big plans for your future that will silence, once and for all, those who oppose your idea of ​​happiness. Mercury from Leo can prove to be an effective messenger of good news, which can help those who have not yet achieved the independence they deserve to have. It will be up to you to know how to seize the favorable opportunities that there will be .. if you want to give your life that indispensable and regenerating change it needs. Obviously for those who have a life that is a source of fulfillment, the Stars will work even harder to fortify the complicity with those who deserve all your indisputable dedication. At work, it is time to redesign your professional future. Surround yourself with reliable and willing people if you want to build a stronger and more productive team game.

SCORPIO In Heaven there is an astral super conjunction that smells of revenge. The energy of Mars makes you “gassed”, while that of Venus projects you to take care of those who are part of your life. The week will help you find out if whoever you have chosen to have next to you, friend or partner, is really the right person for you. Thursday and Friday, are the most propitious days to listen to your infallible instinct .. as well as to “rise” from your ashes, if you have suffered some disappointment, perhaps anticipated. The Stars want to help you “breathe” more relaxation, harmony and light-heartedness .. obviously to share with those who deserve your impeccable, even if sometimes indecipherable, kindness. The complicity in the couple relationship will ignite in the fascinating game of transgression. For those who are alone, there is the possibility of transforming a beautiful friendship into something more intense. Be careful when, on the weekend, the Moon becomes unpleasant from Leo, because it will contribute to amplify your, already in itself irrepressible, spirit of rebellion. If you work, bet everything on the only two favorable days that will be granted to you, if you want to win big in the management of commitments .. and silence the envious.

SAGITTARIUS The unmanageable astral location of Mars, closely followed by Venus, Virgo, is an excellent bite for aiming high .. but only and if you are able to manage the irrepressible surplus of energy it emanates. The Stars test the effective validity of what you have and what you do. Everything will depend on how you are able, or not, to face the unexpected. The first part of the week is to be taken with a grain of salt, in the sense that someone is likely to blow your mind. Open Heaven, if those who collaborate with you should have the unfortunate idea of ​​taking credit for your work. Try not to fall into the trap of these spiteful days, and above all do not take home the bad moods, stress and nervousness that arise at work .. if you do not want to spoil the harmony at home. The weekend, as if by magic, promises to be nothing short of magical! The complicity with the people who are part of your life will win precious points .. and for those who are alone you can catch a glimpse of those lucky coincidences that want to smell like daring adventures.

CAPRICORN The perfect astral synergy that is created between Venus and Mars from Virgo, gives a glimpse of multiple insights that will help you overturn, obviously for the better, your daily life, including habits. The week is perfect for doing something unusual … different from usual. Anything that smells of novelty will attract you. The idea of ​​carving out a vacation, which promises to be extraordinary, will be highly benefited by this enchanted sky. There are new faces to meet and new environments to visit. Why don’t you choose to go and relax in a different location than usual? In love, you will be more lovable than usual .. and more inclined to those who might have been on the boxes before. The complicity in the couple relationship will be enriched with daring audacity. Lonely hearts will be able to count on Heaven’s approval to give life to a fulfilling love story .. or to see a love from the past again. You will be able to “smooth out” the most demanding sides of your character. You will have a lot of fun shocking those who have always considered you icebergs with a heart of ice.

AQUARIUS The beginning of the week offers many opportunities to speed up work .. and to make a real binge of pampering. You will find that it will be impossible to hide the feelings you have, good or bad they are. You will feel a strong push that leads you to say everything that is in your head .. and if someone annoys this “cheerful sincerity” of yours, then perhaps the right time has come to scrap the old for the new. Obviously put in the estimate that you will be able to discover some beautiful ones .. by those who in reality have always rowed against you. Don’t be sad, it’s not worth it .. there are many people who appreciate you for what you are and know how to do. At work, try not to postpone until tomorrow what you have to do today, because the Stars will seem to entangle your attention on the details. Maybe you have too many responsibilities to cope with. And don’t forget to also take into consideration the opinion of those who collaborate with you, without always doing your own thing. As the weekend approaches, take some time to devote yourself a little more to yourself .. those who love and value you seriously will be pleased and appreciate.

PISCES The unpleasant astral location of Mars from Virgo will try to make you more than determined on what to do .. but also a little aggressive. The Stars will try to disturb your serenity, shaking the waters and bringing to the surface the flaws that feed discontent. Despite everything, you will be able to seize those unrepeatable opportunities that will suggest what you need to do to get back what you deserve. Try to “change” your Stars .. starting to manage impulsiveness and let humiliations slip away. If you succeed, you will bring out tremendous self-confidence like never before. And then, yes, you will begin to look at life with different eyes, because it is precisely when things do not turn in the right direction that the perfect moment arrives to change everything. If you’re not feeling at the top, postpone important decisions… and keep your eyes peeled if you have to sign a deal. Thursday and Friday, they want to be generous with serenity .. and luck. Listen to your indisputable sensitivity, if you want to turn an intuition into a profitable surprise.

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