China has already stated that the rover will attempt to land in a designated area of Utopia Planitia

The Chinese rover Zhurong landed on Mars. This was reported by the official news agency of China, Xinhua, citing the China National Space Administration. The Tianwen-1 probe had been orbiting Mars since February, when it arrived after a 6 and a half month journey from Earth. The probe entered the atmosphere of Mars at an altitude of 125 kilometers (80 miles), initiating what has been called “the riskiest phase of the entire mission”. The rover, named after the Chinese god of fire Zhurong, is expected to be deployed for 90 days in search of evidence of life. It is the size of a small car, has radar that penetrates the ground, a laser and sensors to measure the atmosphere and the magnetic sphere. In a few days, the rover will begin exploring an icy area of ​​Mars known as Utopia Planitia. It will join an American rover that arrived on the red planet in February.

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