Israel hits Gaza hard by attacking Hamas bases

Israel hits Gaza hard by attacking Hamas bases: Iyad Tayib, commander of the Islamic movement killed, meanwhile continues to fire rockets on the territory of the Jewish state.The Army General Staff is not ruling out a ground operation in the Strip. “We continue to hit Hamas, we will achieve the goal of restoring calm in Israel,” said Prime Minister Nethanyahu. In the afternoon still rockets on Tel Aviv and also Eilat. 83 Palestinian deaths in air strikes, 17 of which are minors, 7 Israeli victims, since Monday.The Israeli police said they had arrested 82 people in the violence between Arabs and Jews, while the total number of those arrested since Monday has risen to 232.  The suspects, Israeli media report citing police, are in custody for alleged involvement in clashes, fire and stone throwing. Of the 232 people arrested, 116 have been detained. The police statement highlights particularly serious unrest in Tiberias, where groups of Jews stormed and destroyed shops, and in the Arab city of Kafr Kanna, where property was destroyed.

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