"Today we are able to breathe again," Floyd's younger brother Philonise said

Former policeman Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all three counts, on trial for the death of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American who died during a police stop in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020.

The former policeman was convicted of murder and manslaughter for pinning George Floyd to the pavement with his knee on the Black man’s neck. The popular jury’s decision was met with cheers and cheers from the hundreds of people attending the ruling outside the Minneapolis court. After the reading of the sentence, Chauvin was handcuffed in the courtroom and could be sent to prison for decades. 

“Today we are able to breathe again,” Floyd’s younger brother Philonise said at a joyous family news conference. “The painfully earned justice has come for George Floyd’s family and community here in Minneapolis, but today’s verdict goes far beyond this city and has significant implications for the country and even the world.” This was said by Ben Crump, one of the lawyers of the Floyd family. “This case is a turning point in American history for law enforcement accountability and sends a clear message that we hope will be heard clearly in every city and state,” Crump added.

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