World War II veteran who has raised millions of dollars to support health workers in the fight against COVID-19

Tom Moore, the centenarian and WWII veteran who helped raise money for the UK public health system in the fight against the pandemic, passed away. The family reports it. Moore had been hospitalized due to Covid-19.

Captain Tom, as he was known in the newspapers and on TV, had decided to raise a thousand pounds for the National Health Service by doing 100 laps of his backyard. Its ‘mission’ went viral and caught the attention of millions of people stranded at home during the first wave of the pandemic: donations came from all over Britain and also from the United States and Japan, in the amount of about 33 million pounds (40 million dollars).

Moore was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II last summer. Wearing a coat and tie and his military medals, he pushed his walker as he became a celebrity in the weeks leading up to his 100th birthday last April.

“The last year of our father’s life was nothing short of extraordinary. He was rejuvenated and experienced things he had only and always dreamed of – the family said in a statement – While he was in so many hearts for a short time, he was an amazing father and grandfather who will live on in our hearts forever. ”


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