NYC issues state emergency ahead of brutal snowstorm

Snowstorm in New York, whitened as it hadn’t happened for 5 years. The city is whitened by snow: the citizens who could have taken advantage of the bad weather to go out with snowshoes and even skis in the city center. From Central Park to the Empire State Building, the iconic New York skyline seems to be wrapped in a fairy tale. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio asked citizens to stay at home. Schools are closed, transport is reduced and appointments for the Covid-19 vaccine in many of the medical centers are stopped. Snowploughs in action. De Blasio said: “this is not a storm to underestimate”.

The storm has already covered the Midwest with snow: in Chicago on Sunday morning, leading to the cancellation of about 200 flights at the city’s two airports; in some places, in Wisconsin. Snow and cold in Washington led US President Joe Biden to postpone a visit to the State Department.

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