Accelerate vaccinations, tests and tracking, enhance the use of masks are some of the points described by President Joe Biden

Accelerate vaccinations, tests and tracking, enhance the use of masks (which will be mandatory for travel of all kinds) and ensure that schools are reopened. While the victims of the coronavirus in the United States (over 406 thousand), still in full pandemic, have exceeded the number of US deaths in the Second World War, Joe Biden chooses to dedicate his first days at the White House to the fight against Covid-19 .  “The death toll will probably rise to 500,000 next month, cases will continue to rise” and “it will take months to reverse the trend, but let me be clear, we will defeat the pandemic,” he assured.

The distance from Trump starts from a fundamental point: Biden adopts national measures, therefore the management of the pandemic is no longer left to the individual states as under the presidency of the Republican. The use of masks becomes mandatory for all trips, therefore in airports, airplanes, ships, buses, trains and public transport; those arriving from abroad must provide a test with negative results before leaving for the United States and quarantine upon arrival. On vaccination, the goal of 100 million doses in the first 100 days is reaffirmed: “ambitious, but achievable,” said the coordinator of the task force against Covid, Jeff Zients. And then the schools: Biden wants most of the institutions to reopen in the first 100 days and has asked the departments of Education, Health and Human service to provide clear guidelines on reopening.

“The hard truth is that things will get worse in the next few months before they get better. We did not enter this mess overnight and it will take time to change things “, these are the words of the American president, Joe Biden, during a video conference with the mayors of the major cities of the United States to which he illustrated the his plan to beat Covid-19 which includes a massive vaccination campaign and the obligation to use personal protective equipment at least until April. 

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