A Tesla repair shop told a Model S owner that replacing the battery would cost more than $22,600. He decided to stick 66 pounds of dynamite on the car.

There are times in life when you have to choose between paying a boatload of money or watching a very big explosion. Well, not really, but Finnish man Tuomas Katainen sure did. Katainen is a 2013 Tesla Model S owner who was told he would have to pay more than $22,600 to replace the battery on his car. For him, it apparently wasn’t worth it, so he decided to team up with a YouTuber to blow up his Model S with 66 pounds (30 kilograms) of dynamite instead, Gizmodo reports.

According to Katainen, his Model S ran “excellent” for the first 932 miles (1,500 kilometers) after he bought it, but then the error codes started to appear. He sent his car to a Tesla dealer’s repair shop, where it remained for about a month, and was told they couldn’t do anything for his car. His only option would be to replace the entire battery, which would cost more than $22,600, and he would have to ask Tesla permission to carry out the repair.

To put this in perspective, $22,600 would go a long way to buying another used 2013 Model S in Finland, which appear to sell for more than $42,900. But Katainen decides that’s not for him, proving that there is indeed a thin line between logic, rage, and insanity.

“So I told them I’m coming to pick up the Tesla,” he said in the video. “Now I’m going to explode the whole car away.”

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