Letter to the Editor from El Yazid Mouhsine, M.D. 

(We received and published)

Once upon a time, there lived Foccart 

It is in no way puzzling that French television channels, which cry out loud to have sole discretion and authority over their own editorial line and programs, produce informational material, as is their custom, under the dictation of the power in place in France.

More recently, they used a hackneyed and a very shady method to lure some Moroccan nationals who turned out to be just as ungrateful to their homeland as they are greedy and easy to go a whoring. They simply had convicts, crooks and terrorists tell glaring falsehoods about their being in conflict with the law, thereby aiming to tackle head on and in an insidious way, no less, the Kingdom’s institutions whose outstanding work undertaken to serve the country’s higher interests has earned them recognition both regionally and internationally.

But why all this onslaught against Morocco? They would brazenly reply that all they do is promote democracy, human rights, rule of law, freedom of the press, opinion and conscience and the freedom of movement of goods and people, even though they know themselves that quite naturally no one believes in such an outright lie anymore. If they are so cynical, it is because they are in desperate straits. It is no wonder, therefore, that if one scratches an inch below this delusional pathological tendency to tell lies, they might well find the stinging loss of market share in the Kingdom and its increasingly worrying presence in Africa. There is nothing awe-inspiring about the so-called political ethics they want to export to the south of the “free world”, especially in Africa. They are foul ethics that reek of money.

This shabby rug that the West was constantly patching was completely shredded lately. How could the West still have a moralizing discourse towards the countries it has always impoverished and destabilized following the outrage of hogging quantities of anti-covid 19 vaccines produced in the world?  How could this be possible when its media have tuned their voices to cover and comment on the war in Ukraine with unfailing bias, that it prohibits Russians from participating in artistic and sporting events it organizes? How could that be possible when the West saw in the cartoons related to prophet Muhammad only a case of exercising freedom of speech, when the Russian ambassador was summoned to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain his caricature of Europe? How could that be when it prompted the Russian owner, whom it now calls an oligarch after it used to consider him an investor prior to the Ukraine war, to sell Chelsea football club and that it politicizes and instrumentalizes the organization of artistic and cultural events whose stake is supposed to go beyond strictly political logic?

Its masks have fallen.

Spengler, one of their own, and by no means the least prominent one, blamed the disintegration of civilizations in particular on the collapse of their moral system and their military expansionism far from their borders.

At any rate, the setbacks on African soil is a sign of the beginning of the end of the Pax Gallica which has already lasted too long.

Once upon a time, there lived Foccart 


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