A letter to Italians in the Americas from Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald

Dear Compatriots,

very often I have turned to you to update you on my activities on your behalf. A due account, to tell the truth, since you citizens and voters are my references and the people to whom I owe my election to Parliament.

I have always tried to represent all instances, regardless of political sympathies or having obtained your vote. Indeed, the role of a Member of Parliament, especially in the Foreign Constituency, is to ensure that the goals we all set for ourselves are achieved.

You have acknowledged your trust in me, and I am informing you of my reappointment in the general elections for the House of Representatives in North and Central America with Forza Italia in the United Center Right.

The reaffirmation of my candidacy is certainly an act of trust but also a recognition for the work I have done, by the party I represent.

What I ask is that you confirm the same trust in me to continue the work done to date.

After the complex experiences of the previous two legislatures, which saw unlikely majorities, I believe it is important to give a clear signal and a useful vote to enable the governability of our country, especially at such a delicate and complex time.

Securing your support for the Center Right means obtaining the majority needed to implement those programmatic points that I have already addressed during my election term.

We want to give citizenship back to those who have lost it, as a result of expatriation, strengthen and improve consular services, guarantee tax equality with those who live in the national territory, such as concessions on IMU rates, guarantee access to primary care for those who return to Italy on vacation, and to a welfare system in step with the times with the updating of obsolete International Conventions.

All this without forgetting the promotion and defense of Made in Italy, our cultural identity and our beautiful Italian language, elements that can also be concretized in anticipation of establishing a Ministry for Italians in the World, as President Berlusconi recently stated.

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Dear Friends, my commitment has never failed, it is up to you to sustain it in order to realize what we have been asking for for a long time. Below you can browse through my work to date:

Browse my parliamentary activity.
Over these years I have given my all to represent those who had placed their trust in me, my commitment will continue with the support I hope, you will give me.

A dear greeting to all with affection,

Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald

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