LaPresse's expansion project is increasingly structured organically in new operating offices on five continents, with a network of Italian art.1 correspondents and collaborators. President and CEO Marco Durante: "Internationalization is underway, LaPresse always out of the box"

In a global agreement with the Associated Press, Italian news agency LaPresse’s offices around the world will be optimized with collaborators integrated into a worldwide network.

To give examples: on May 24, 2022 in New York LaPresse covered an important press conference of the Football League, on June 2 in Washington it covered an Italian Embassy event, and on June 5 in Los Angeles it covered the Italian-American marathon, interfacing with Ambassador Mariangela Zappia in New York and Consul Silvia Chiave in Los Angeles.LP President Marco Durante together with LP Washington correspondent Marco Liconti. In mid-May, the LaPresse USA team was presented at the Italian Embassy in Washington.

This was done with Italian Article 1 Correspondent journalists and photo and video activities, using AP channels for worldwide distribution.

This strategic exclusivity with AP allows Agency journalists operating in international locations a bilateral distribution of content in real time with coverage through text, photo and video – for the latter two, synergy with AP is key. It also allows LaPresse and Olycom to be able to sell LaPresse and Olycom material in Europe and around the world through its offices.

LaPresse Spain

But the biggest coup LaPresse puts in Spain: starting January 1, 2023, LaPresse, as an AP partner, will distribute LaPresse, AP and APTN photo, video and text content in Europe. Spain will thus be the first country of operation with the opening of the LaPresse office in Madrid and with Italian Article 1 Correspondents starting Sept. 1, 2022 manning the Calle Serrano office.

On the U.S. front, LaPresse founder Marco Durante also becomes president of LaPresse US inc. with a new mission, the U.S. market, and his tenure will lead him to increasingly follow in-person activities in the United States.

The NY offices at 200 Liberty Street will be his new headquarters and, together with the Washington, Miami and Los Angeles offices, will become the point of reference for Italian, U.S. and global clients. An incubator where new experiences and international collaborations are born.

The lines just described are thus the guidelines along which the Company has decided to reorganize its specific, innovative and strategic focus for the future: international business with global vision and television productions.

The closure of ‘Management’

For the reasons listed above and the increasingly frequent trips of the President, Marco Durante, to the United States and Spain, the BoD decided to close the LaPresse Management department as of Dec. 31, 2022 in order to focus systems and resources on the international business.

President Marco Durante said, “The internationalization of the company is underway. The foreign projects I planned two years ago are coming to fruition. I am very sorry to have to close the talent area, a branch of the Company that I had strongly wanted and personally supervised. It is a decision I make reluctantly but a necessary one out of seriousness to my talents with whom I have always been fully committed to everything. Business leads me to concentrate my resources and those of the Company abroad, and my presence in the United States and Spain will be increasingly frequent. The Board of Directors has set the closure of the Area as of Dec. 31, 2022.”

In summary, as President Marco Durante says, “LaPresse has always worked outside the box.”


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