President of LaPresse, Dr. Marco Maria Durante, meets with Italian ambassador, new LaPresse correspondent

The president of LaPresse, Dr. Marco Maria Durante, continues his visit to the United States with a stay in Washington, D.C., where he introduced the company’s newly hired Article 1 correspondent, Marco Liconti, to the Italian Ambassador to the United States, Mariangela Zappia.

Liconti will be working from a rented office at the headquarters of the Associated Press, the global news agency with its headquarters in the United States, that is a commercial partner for LaPresse.

Through its 15 offices around the world and with the help of AP’s 100-strong Washington bureau, LaPresse is able to cover the news in Washington, from both American sources and Italian sources, including major Italian companies located in Washington.

LaPresse, an Italian-based news agency specializing in photo and video, has embarked on a global expansion.

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