Meeting with Consul-General to promote US-Italian trade ties

Dr. Marco Maria Durante, the president and owner of LaPresse SpA, continued his trip to the United States with a visit to Los Angeles, where he met with the Italian General Consul, Silvia Chiavo.

Durante also visited the new offices of LaPresse’s correspondent in Los Angeles, hired under Article 1 of the Italian labor law.

Durante will visit Washington on May 16, to meet with Italian ambassador to the United States, Mariangela Zappia. He will also meet with LaPresse’s new Washington Correspondent, Marco Liconti, also hired under Article 1. Liconti is a veteran foreign affairs journalist with ADNKronos News Agency, with experience covering the Middle East, as well as in Europe and the United States.

While in New York, Durante also visited the Associated Press, the global news agency that is a partner of LaPresse

Durante told LaPresse that he is looking to acquire new media companies during his trip, and will continue expanding LaPresse’s global presence.

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