Dr. Marco Durante visits LaPresse offices in New York, Washington and Los Angeles

Dr. Marco Maria Durante, the president and owner of LaPresse SpA, is visiting the company’s news bureaus in the United States, with stops in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC, Detroit and Miami.

In Washington, he will meet with Italian ambassador to the United States, Mariangela Zappia. Durante also visited the Associated Press, the global news agency that is a partner of LaPresse, during his stop in New York. 

At a meeting with the Associated Press’s president and chief executive officer, Daisy Veerasingham, Durante was presented with an American flag signed by Veerasingham as a token of the friendship and long-standing partnership between the two companies.

“I came to America mainly to meet our correspondents and the offices of the various cities. This is also the opportunity to acquire companies that are in a state of crisis due to the pandemic, and to meet with five U.S. photo agencies to discuss the sale of our products,” Durante said.



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