A new documentary about the legendary Loren coming soon in prime time on RAI Uno from LaPresse, Luce Cinecitta and RAI Documentaries

Beauty, charm, rigor, resilience, a sense of family, loyalty, honor, discipline constitute the narrative dimensions of a unique and exciting story that has at its center a great Diva who was able to be, first of all, a great woman, unsurpassed and unsurpassable, who has become an Italian icon of international cinema, and tow home we are all grateful for the charm and beauty which has graced her art.

SOPHIA! is a 100-minute documentary directed by Marco Spagnolo that that paints a full-fledged portrait of the great Diva, with a raft of material, some of it never before published, made and found throughout the world.

Look for SOPHIA! in April, on the 60th anniversary of Sophia Loren winning the Academy Award – America’s famed Oscar – her performance in La Ciociara.

LaPresse, RAI Documentaries and Luce Cinecittà present: SOPHIA! Coming soon, in prime time on RaiUno.

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