Customized package of prepaid vouchers for frequent flyers

ITA Airways is launching the Flight Pass, a personalized package of prepaid vouchers for issuing airline tickets, which can be purchased in Economy, Superior and Business Class.

Flight Pass was created for passengers who usually fly on pre-established itineraries, to plan their trips with even more flexibility and ease. With Flight Pass,  passengers can customize their package according to their needs, identifying the number of flights, the destinations, the period and deciding at a later time the people who will use the tickets. It is possible to purchase Flight Pass on the website The package can include both national and international destinations of the ITA Airways network, which can be selected individually or by country/geographical area (flights with territorial continuity and seasonal routes are excluded, as are flights operated in code-share).A Flight Pass can contain from 6 to 24 sections and have a duration from a minimum of one month up to a maximum of twelve, valid for the purchase of the chosen destinations.

With Flight Pass, the customer who buys the package can identify up to 24 names to assign the tickets to. The name of the first passenger must be indicated at the time of purchase, the others can be indicated later, within the chosen booking period in purchase phase of the package.

The price of the airline tickets included in the Flight Pass is locked at the time of purchase of the package, thus allowing you to find affordable prices even in high season. During the booking process, access is always guaranteed until all available seats on the flight are exhausted. Tickets are non-refundable, but the date / time of the flight can be changed by paying a supplement of 65 euros (free change in case of purchase of the Freedom Option). For further information, you can consult the “Terms and Conditions” and FAQ pages in the section dedicated to the Flight Pass on the ITA-airways website.



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