Followers will choose the name of the Italian sports champions on the new livery of the Airbuses that will soon join the ITA Airways fleet 

ITA Airways is launching the “Naming Azzurri” survey, an initiative that the  Company is dedicating to users of the main social networks, who will be asked to vote the name of their  favorite Italian sports champions. The names with the most votes will be on the new livery of the aircrafts which will be soon joining the ITA Airways fleet. 

The “Naming Azzurri” initiative has been launched in collaboration with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italian  sports news brand. La Gazzetta dello Sport will support the initiative on its Instagram and Facebook  channels through a series of posts inviting followers to submit their nominations in the comments. The  voting process will close around mid-February. 

ITA Airways has been introducing aircrafts with the new blue livery in its fleet since 24th December 2021.  These are named after the greatest Italian sportsmen of all times, who were ambassadors in the world of  professionalism, determination, strength and passion, all values that have raised the Italian flag high. Two  Airbus A320 named after Paolo Rossi and Fausto Coppi and one Airbus A319 dedicated to Pietro Mennea  are already in ITA Airways fleet. 

As other aircrafts with the blue livery will soon join the fleet, the airline is asking its followers to nominate  a shortlist of champions from all sports that will determine the choice of the new names. 

By answering the question: “Who made the history of Italian sport?” on the official Facebook and Instagram  pages of ITA Airways and on the Instagram and Facebook profiles of La Gazzetta dello Sport, every user will be able to express a nominee, indicating the name of their favorite male or female Italian champion, among  those who are no longer active in their respective disciplines, that they would like to admire on the livery  of aircrafts flying in the skies over the world.  

“One of the fundamental pillars of ITA Airways’ plan is to put the customer at the center of all efforts and  this initiative represents a further step forward in this direction,” said Giovanni Perosino, Chief Marketing Officer of ITA Airways “On 15 October 2021, when we launched our flight operations, we presented the  new livery with a rendering. Today, we can see it in the skies and are given the measure of the work done.  Our livery was born ‘Azzurra’ (blue), the color of all Italian national sports teams, as there are no better  ambassadors than the great Italian champions to bear witness to this in the world. The first names of the  Airbuses have been decided by the company, but now the ball is in the court of our followers, who will have  to nominate the Italian female and male sports champions to whom the next ITA Airways aircraft will be  dedicated.”

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