Terms of the deal will be set after 90-day due diligence period

Italy’s ITA Airways said Monday it has received an expression of interest from the MSC Group and Lufthansa to acquire the majority of ITA Airways. The MSC Group has agreed with Lufthansa that its terms for participation in the partnership will be defined during the due diligence process.

Both the MSC Group and Lufthansa have expressed the wish that the Italian Government maintain a minority stake in the ITA, while .  MSC Group and Lufthansa have requested 90 days of exclusivity to work on this expression of interest.  

ITA Airways is satisfied that the work carried out in recent months to offer the best prospects to the company is starting to have the expected results, providing for a company recognized as viable for partners of international reputation both in passenger and cargo transport. The Board of Directors will examine the details of the expression of interest at an upcoming meeting.


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