Company says it is pleased by union’s collaborative spirit

“The renewal of the national collective labor agreement was signed today with Assaereo and simultaneously, with Ita  Airways, a protocol on trade union relations that must absolutely restore industrial relations to normal.” This is what Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Air transport declare, who continue: “On the basis of these premises, an industrial agreement was signed that implements the hiring forecasts, over the course of the plan, of an additional 4,000 workers by June 2022, with the necessary certifications and qualifications. All this will take place by 2025, in line with the increase in the fleet with the new aircraft acquired.”

 The trade unions continue: “The supplementary company contract concerns both the crew and the ground staff. An agreement has been reached on the variable performance bonus, which will take into account, as envisaged by the institute, the quality improvements. The economic aspects have been revised and therefore the supplementary company contract, with respect to the regulation, provides for an increase of over 15% for the first year, which will then gradually grow up to 20% over the plan period, limiting the impact on wages unilaterally imposed. Some ancillary skills of the flight crew have been improved. There have been welfare improvements for both pilots and flight attendants as well as ground staff. This series of interventions, together with the start of normal trade union relations, interrupts a drift which, in default, would probably have led to conflict in a very short time. In the next few days there will be a series of technical level meetings to improve working conditions.” Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Air transport conclude: “The agreements reached are a first significant step that improves working conditions in a context in which the workers of this company have already suffered too much, starting from by the diktats of the European Union.

 The contractual and industrial agreements signed today must constitute a turning point in the relations between ITA  and its workers and provide the tools to really get the national airline off the ground. Now management and shareholders must do their part by making concrete and improving the industrial plan, implementing the necessary investments and guiding the company within a large alliance on favorable conditions in the interest of ITA workers, of those who are waiting to be reinserted into the production cycle of all Italian air transport. Trade union organizations will work to ensure that this happens and will continue to work to improve wages and employment.”

 In a note, the Company chaired by Alfredo Altavilla underlines how “The agreement reached today between ITA Airways and the trade unions is the result of a negotiation between the parties, carried out in compliance with their respective positions and with a collaborative spirit with the aim of protecting Company workers and ensure consistency with the objectives of the Company’s Strategic Plan.” And again: Ita Airways “appreciated the opening of the trade unions that recognized the peculiarities that the Company has, linked to its nature as a start-up, to achieve and maintain over time a structural competitiveness of costs that makes it functional in the context of the strategic design of a long-term partnership.”


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