Human rights association honors Italians who made difference during the pandemic

Mariangela Zappia, the Ambassador of Italy to the USA awarded with the prize “Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia Award 2021” for her commitment to gender equality.

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia foundation awarded its most prestigious prizes on Friday at a star-studded gala at the IBM Studios in Piazza Gae Aulenti. Called  ‘Leave DeSign’, the title of the gala was meant to reflect both the Italian spirit of design and the human rights group’s desire to “leave a mark” on the world by doing something beneficial to others. The gala included a charity auction of 35 design pieces by Cristiano De Lorenzo, director of Christie’s Italy, and Interni magazine, which collected 35 articles for the benefit.The design objects were exhibited from September 28 to 30 at Palazzo Clerici. During the evening, presented by Neri Marcorè, and attended by Kerry Kennedy, a daughter of the late American politician Robert F. Kennedy, and by Stefano Lucchini, President of the RFK association in Italy, guests listened to the story of the results and upcoming commitments of the organization, active since 2007 in the field of human rights education and advocacy with a program of socio-work inclusion of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and people in other vulnerable people. Since 2020, the association has also been working to support the communities in which it operates, in Tuscany and Lombardy.

Gen. Figliuolo awarded for his human and professional contribution to the protection of the right to health

The winners of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia Award 2021 included 

  • Gen. Francesco Paolo Figliuolo for his human and professional contribution to the protection of the right to health; 
  • Sport Italiano, for its commitment to spreading the values ​​of solidarity, resilience, and inclusion especially during the pandemic and which was accepted by the athletes Monica Contraffatto, Bronze Medal at the Tokyo 2020 Games Paralympics, Luigi Busà, Karate Gold Medal in Tokyo 2020 and Filippo Tortu, sprinter and champion in Tokyo 2020; 
  • Ambassador Mariangela Zappia, Italy’s representative to the United States, for her commitment to gender equality at the United Nations
  • Hon. Mara Carfagna, a government minister and member of parliament for the Forza Italia party, for her constant activity in favor of the most vulnerable, from the law introducing the crime of stalking, to the reclamation project, after a century, of the Messina slums.

“This evening was dedicated to all those who, with their work and energy, have helped Italy these last two years of pandemic, and who have through RFK Italia committed to bringing help to the most fragile people and to the most needy families, in particular in Florence with the Italian Red Cross and in the Milan area with Caritas Ambrosiana, said Stefano Lucchini, president of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italy. “With these awards we recognize those who, with their work, ensure that our country, after the tragedy experienced in the first months of 2020, is now an example for the prompt reaction to the health challenge; to sports talents who in the summer of 2021 climbed the podiums in numerous disciplines, also bringing to Tokyo the values ​​of solidarity and inclusion promoted by sport and to the institutions that have been fighting for gender equality for years, at a time when many women continue to be victims of violence and discrimination.”.

The evening was enlivened by the music of Michela Lombardi and Piero Frassi

The evening was enlivened by the music of the duo composed of Michela Lombardi and Piero Frassi, and by a string quintet of the Cameristi della Scala . The funds raised during the event will go to the three programs of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italy: the civic education and human rights program ‘CivicAttiva’, present in Italian schools and universities and which each year involves hundreds of teachers and thousands of students; the ‘Bobby’s Dream’ project for the socio-work inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and people in a state of vulnerability, developed in collaboration with other organizations; the ‘Community’ project which supports the Tuscan and Lombard communities affected by the pandemic.


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