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Italy-U.S.A.: the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World kicks off in Los Angeles

The worldwide initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation aimed at promoting the quality and heritage of the Italian cuisine

The sixth annual “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World” has also officially begun in Los Angeles , the worldwide initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation aimed at promoting the quality and heritage of Italian cuisine, as distinctive signs of our identity and culture, and the development of trade and tourism.

The Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles and the Italian System, in collaboration with Eataly LA , will celebrate the week with virtual and free events throughout the city, as Consul General Silvia Key explains: “Events of this type, which enhance the Italian culture and tradition, also manage to attract all the lesser-known Italian excellences. The Angelenos are already lovers of our culture, our history, our food, so we must think about bringing here all the other perspectives of a country that is innovating. Americans must be made aware of the Italian strength of all those sectors that may not be so well known, especially here in California, a state considered to be an accelerator of business, economies and talents.”

Documentary on Italian cuisine presented in Los Angeles

Among the various events proposed is the presentation of the documentary: “Italian Cuisine in Los Angeles: an Italian and American story”. Produced by the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles, with the collaboration of IAMLA – Museo Italo-Americano in Los Angeles, written and created by Andrea Perugini, the documentary is an extraordinary journey through the history of Italian presence and influence in Los Angeles , through food. Made with delightful interviews with the most important chefs and food historians of the city. The whole week will be a special occasion to buy authentic Italian products with special prices and discounts, participate in a lottery offered by ENIT – the Italian National Tourist Board– and Lake Como, which consists of a two-night stay / experience for two people in a dream location on Lake Como. Many other promotional events for the “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World” will include webinars, chef presentations, cooking classes, tastings and dinners. There is only to set the table!

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