The founder Palella: "Exceptional progress"

Helbiz, a world leader in micro-mobility and the first company in its sector to be publicly listed on Nasdaq, announces its financial results for the third quarter of 2021: revenues up 134% compared to the comparable period of 2020 and 57% compared to the second quarter 2021. On the revenue front: in the nine months of 2021, new arrivals recorded + 203% more than in 2020. Helbiz founder and CEO Salvatore Palella commented: “The Helbiz team has worked tirelessly since our foundation to build an innovative, exciting and green company. Our Nasdaq listing in August was a milestone and just the beginning of our journey. In the third quarter, we made exceptional progress in our core micro-mobility business and in layering additional services that enable the modern urban lifestyle. ” Palella further explained that “the growth in mobility is driven by the opening in new cities, the construction of our fleet and the introduction of our first scooter sold to retail consumers, the Helbiz One. We are further serving the lifestyle of modern city dwellers with food delivery, which we launched with our first ghost kitchen in Milan, the largest in the world. We have also successfully launched our Helbiz Live multimedia offering, which perfectly matches food delivery. Mobility is aimed at the “exit” moments of life, while delivery and the media are complementary “room” services.

Palella concluded: “As we approach 2022, we intend to significantly expand our offering in the lifestyle categories. Importantly, we believe our service package can bring more people to our Helbiz Unlimited subscription, which benefits the consumer with full access to our offers for a single monthly fee. Helbiz Unlimited is also great for our business model, greatly improving our visibility with a long-lasting recurring revenue stream. ” Speaking of financial performance, Giulio Profumo, Chief Financial Officer of Helbiz, added: “Our financial condition and our performance have never been better. To date, our cash balance exceeds $ 30 million and we are investing aggressively across our entire business. You can see the first results in our substantial revenue growth, which has been strong year over year and sequentially ”. Profumo then concluded: “With the new loan, we continue to strive to invest in the growth of our businesses. As a technology-driven company, we are increasing our R&D spending to improve the user experience, strengthen our underlying IT infrastructure and design stylish new vehicles. We are investing in sales and marketing to raise awareness of our key mobility offerings and new delivery and media services. And, of course, we are focused on the security of new licenses, in the US and across Europe ”.



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