Former team manager comments on Perez's victory with penalty decided after hours

“At FIA there are inadequate people. Every race we have a problem, even yesterday the same. If there had been an infraction why wait hours when with all the technical part to draw on you can decide in a minute? It’s not F1’s fault, it’s FIA’s fault, you absolutely have to change. You can ruin a race, the show and affect the world championship.” Thus to LaPresse Flavio Briatore, former team manager in F1, on the decisions made after more than three hours by the FIA to assess the penalty to the winner of the Singapore GP, Sergio Perez.

“The Fia is a company and as such to move forward it needs to employ the right and suitable people. It has almost 200 employees and companies of this kind need to be run by capable managers and every sector needs to have them. Right now there is not this kind of quality. Fia has to be run by professionals, this is fundamental. The president must decide. What is important is that there is a federation that is up to F1. Why didn’t that happen before? Because there were precisely professionals, simple as that,” he concluded.

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