After defeats to Monza and Udinese, both coaches at risk

Juventus and Inter are struggling, and the start of the championship is bringing a (double) surprise: the benches of Massimiliano Allegri and Simone Inzaghi, untouchable until a few weeks ago, are increasingly at risk.

The Bianconeri come out with broken bones and low morale from the away match in Monza, which should have served to revive Allegri’s odds with a win against the last in the standings, but instead accentuated the feeling of a deep crisis. Zero ideas, inconsistent play, physical condition at times embarrassing, Juve was knocked out by Gytkjaer at 74′. The Danish footballer, author last year of 14 goals, including five in the play offs, which contributed decisively to promotion to the A league, thus also put his signature on the first, historic victory in the top flight. Allegri, disqualified, watched it all from the stands.

So did the Bianconeri’s ad ad, Maurizio Arrivabene, who shortly before the match had defended the coach: “To change would be madness. Today, problems must be experienced and seen in 360 degrees, we have come out of difficult years that have weighed on everyone’s skin, not just soccer. The responsibility is to make the Juventus company work, making summary trials or pointing to a culprit does not help a company like Juve to work with discipline on the program. Max has not only a contract, but a 4-year program. I have an ad program. We have to look forward together.”

But what he saw next, on the field, may have instilled more than one doubt in him, although the economic aspect (Allegri has a contract until 2025) at this time seems preponderant. In the meantime, the first rumors about possible replacements arise, from Tuchel, who has just been exonerated by Chelsea, to Paolo Montero, team man, fan idol, at this moment coach of the Primavera team and who, also for economic reasons, could be among the papabili.

Economic reasons that at this moment are not the first thought of Inter and Zhang, in judging Inzaghi’s performance and the steps to be taken to change course, after the latest missteps and in particular the defeat against Udinese at the weekend. Inzaghi does not risk for now, the message that comes from the Pinetina, even the ad Beppe Marotta shows that he has confidence in the current coach and does not want to chase sirens of changes in tactical guidance (again, the name of Tuchel has been approached to the bench, as is normal given that he is one of the best free at the moment, surprisingly relieved from his post in London).

The club wants to trust Inzaghi to lift the team (hopefully finally with a full-time Lukaku) in the month and a half or so that will be available to us after the national team break and before the World Cup stop. A long stop that, at that point, will give everyone a chance to reflect calmly in order to then best tackle the second and decisive part of the season.

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