The words of Piero Farabollini, president of the Marche Order of Geologists

“We stopped a few hours ago to count the victims of the tragedy that struck our Region last September 15. The time has come to roll up our sleeves and work proactively so that this never happens again. As we have said before, we cannot avoid extreme phenomena such as the more than 400 millimeters of rain that fell in just a few hours, but what is in our power to avoid is rivers and streams overflowing near population centers,” explains Piero Farabollini, president of the Order of Geologists of Marche. “The interventions needed to secure the territory we know them very well, as Geologists of the Marche we have been reiterating their urgency for years – even after the events of 2014 when, again in Senigallia, the Misa came out of its banks causing the death of three people – not always listened to, our hope is that this is the right time,” Farabollini continues.

“For this reason,” Farabollini adds, “we think the time has come for all of us to get around a table and plan, establish a list of priorities, untie those knots that have been created due to an asphyxiating bureaucracy that have, for example, blocked the safety works in Senigallia. We therefore call for the establishment of a permanent table that brings together the Order of Geologists, basin authorities, affected municipalities, Civil Defense, mountain unions and, of course, the Marche region. Let’s not get lost in formalities; the goal should be to facilitate, file down any differences in views and remain constantly updated and aligned on the performance of their respective tasks. The laws are there, the funding in many cases has already been allocated, but a beacon needs to be turned on so that these projects go from paper to reality. If we want to protect the citizens of Marche, we cannot delay any longer.”

Senigallia municipality suspends public transportation

“The Coc of the Municipal Civil Protection, which met earlier in the day, has ordered the suspension of all local, urban and suburban public transport on Monday, September 19 and Tuesday, September 20, from 00:00 to 24:00, for safety reasons related to the incomplete transitability of many streets in the territory.” This is what is stated on the Facebook page of the City of Senigallia.

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