The interview with LaPresse by the president of the 5-star Movement, Giuseppe Conte

“An agreement with the Democratic Party even after the elections? Never with these leaders “. On the eventuality of an alliance with the dem, the president of the 5-star Movement, Giuseppe Conte closes the door to the current dem secretariat during an interview with the director of LaPresse, Alessia Lautone and the journalists Jordan Foresi and Giuseppe Recchia. Conte said he was satisfied with the agreement reached in the Senate on the Superbonus and underlined how the Movement has aroused renewed interest among citizens “despite the many owls”. It’s still. On the logic of the useful vote, he said that it is only a question of convenience and that the Dragons Agenda is empty. Space also for the situation in Ukraine: for Conte it is right to maintain the sanctions against Russia but we need to start talking about peace. Finally, a passage also on Trump’s endorsement: “No embarrassment. Read poorly informed, relax “.

Impossible agreement with this Pd

“With these leaders of the Democratic Party at a table I do not sit down”. Thus the president of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, closes the hypothesis of a dialogue with the secretary dem Enrico Letta after the vote on 25 September. Interviewed in LaPresse’s Special Elections, he explains that “after the political responsibilities they have assumed towards us and also towards the democratic people, no one expects me to sit at that table and discuss, because there is absolutely no trust and I do not agree to put our destiny on that table in front of a management group that has treated us in this way “. And again: “Consistency and linearity pays off with the citizens: Letta can no longer say no more with the 5Stelle and then, when he realizes in the middle of the countryside that he has the wrong approach, he says he wants to collaborate with the Movement. It is now too late and the twists and turns are not credible ”added Conte, responding to the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta who indicated the president of the M5s and the leader of Action Carlo Calenda as interlocutors.

Uncompromising M5s
For an agreement with the Democratic Party after the elections, “the conditions are just not there. We are serious people, we present ourselves with an articulated project and we will be even more uncompromising in the new legislature. If before the bar was high, now it will be very high “, adds Conte.

Suicidal choices from Pd
The Democratic Party “in an absolutely unreasonable and irrational sense has made suicidal choices”. The dem have made “political errors that are there for all to see: abandoning us, crediting the political project of Luigi di Maio, let’s see with what success, looking for an alliance with with Calenda who says everything and the opposite of everything and whose only merit was to re-credit Conte with his entire court ”.

Endorsement Trump? Read poorly informed
“Did Letta say that Trump’s endorsement is an embarrassment to me? Letta got distracted, does he know that I sued that newspaper article? He is obviously not well informed. However, would it be embarrassing that Trump said I am a good person? No embarrassment, Letta relax “, he concludes.

Draghi agenda blank
“Even Calenda is now talking about budget changes, but hasn’t he read the Draghi diary? There is no budget change written in the Draghi diary, apart from the fact that it is just empty … “.

Brave little dragons
“What the Draghi government had to do and did not do” on the front of the energy crisis “we said in February. It had to plant itself in Brussels, nail all European partners to an Energy recovery fund, to a common strategy. Here everyone is talking about price caps, but what I have talked about which I think is the most decisive is a common purchase plan. If Italy had insisted and nailed our European partners to this necessary solution, we would have become the world leader in the purchase of gas, we would have dictated the contractual conditions – he underlines -. All this was not done, the government was not very determined, not very courageous. It was clear that there was going to be a tsunami ”.

Intense Grillo contribution
The guarantor of the M5S Beppe Grillo will most likely not participate in the closing of the electoral campaign of the Movement in Piazza Santi Apostoli, in Rome. “I don’t think” there will be. “We spoke this morning and we haven’t talked about it. If you would like to come, I’d be happy. But Santi Apostoli will be a final step “and” I would not give importance to this “, adds Conte, underlining that Grillo” is actively participating in this electoral campaign “, even if” he does not go to the streets “, observes the pentastellato president, and not he will go there: “I would say no”, confirms Conte, “because this electoral campaign is very short and times are tight. But he is making an intense contribution to the program and many ideas are the fruit of his thirty-year battles on the subject of ecological transition. Even in this day his blog is very rich and c

’It is a continuous desire to make a contribution”. With the founder of the M5S “we never talk about controversy, but about the contents of the campaign and perhaps to emphasize one aspect over another”.

Agreement on Superbonus
“The agreement found on the Aid bis on the transfer of credits related to the Superbonus? More than a personal satisfaction, I would say that it is a satisfaction for the country, for the state, for the government above all. Then of course there is satisfaction for the M5s since until Friday we were considered irresponsible “.

Ridiculous league
On the matter linked to the Superbonus “they made believe that we wanted to block the Dl Aid, a falsehood and madness. We were all against it, but now we discover that finally the others have understood too late that the problem exists ”. For the president of the M5s “those of the League, which is understood as the solution, are ridiculous statements, all this is ridiculous. It is the theater of the election campaign. The important thing is to have contributed to saving 30-40 thousand companies ”.

Interest in the Movement despite the owls
The political leader of the Movement is optimistic for the future. “Compared to the many owls of bad omen that gave us swooping there is a renewed interest in us, a renewed enthusiasm. Beyond the polls, I found this by traveling the country from north to south, there is great attention to our political offer. We are very confident in the solidity of our project to transform Italy for the better “.

Useful vote logic is of convenience
“I do not accept the logic of the useful vote because behind it there is traditionally a mystifying logic towards the voters because they try to capture their vote by saying ‘vote me because it is more convenient’. Useful vote therefore equal to convenience, but it is not clear from what point of view. I tell the citizens to give the right vote, to be on the right side. In the South at the moment they credit us as the first political force, also with regard to single-member constituencies – he adds -. They all gave up for lost, all of them now from the center-right, instead the latest projections give us very competitive. If the citizens want to give us a fair vote then it is clear that the center-right coat of which so much is talked about will never be realized ”.

Maintain sanctions but talk about peace
“Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, perhaps we have been the political force that has had maximum linearity and coherence. I don’t understand why there is talk of uncertainty and ambiguity. The firm condemnation of Russian military aggression has never been questioned. There was full support for Ukraine in terms of financial sanctions, which have never been questioned and we are not questioning them even now. Then we can discuss whether it is effective or not, but they must be maintained as long as there is this Russian aggression “. On the issue of sending weapons, he then adds: “I see a one-way strategy: military victory over Russia to achieve regime change. But in the meantime, in order to achieve this, which could prove to be an illusory goal, we are embracing the prospect of a military escalation, the risk of a military accident, a war that could last decades, an economic recession that will be devastating us ”. “The geopolitical scenario that more or less consciously we are embracing is that of a new iron curtain, of a world split in two like a watermelon with good on one side – the western front – and evil on the other, with Russia, China, India. If we want to deliver a political victory to Ukraine, with a prospective scenario that can guarantee peace and security, we need to develop a somewhat different strategy. We need to start talking about peace, set up peace negotiations because here the only obsession is to send weapons “, concludes Conte.

Premier with discipline and honor
“When I was commissioned to be Prime Minister I tried to do so following a guiding principle that is written in our Constitution: discipline and honor. When I left Palazzo Chigi I didn’t look for an armchair, I would like to remind you that I didn’t even reach out for a place in the new government. I could have, there was also a discussion, the same M5s was pressing for me to have a ministerial post. But I felt that once the experience of the Conte 2 government was over it was more correct and straightforward not to occupy a seat. I went out without a parachute, and I didn’t ask to be president of the M5, I didn’t make any phone calls to ask to help me become a leader of the Movement. Today – he adds – the M5s is deeply renewed, there is an important political project, with a list of young candidates. Now I have a new role, I am not being a leader of the people but I am intransigent, I am offering a serious political project for Italy, the result of the non-negotiable principles and values ​​of the M5s. And this too, I’m trying to cover it with discipline and honor ”.

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