They were greeted by about 50 fans. Next, they will make a stop at Palazzo Chigi by Mario Draghi

The world champion Italian volleyball team have arrived at the Quirinale where they will soon be welcomed by President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. Also with coach Fefè De Giorgi to lead the rainbow national team were Coni president Giovanni Malagò, secretary general Carlo Mornati, and Fipav president Giuseppe Manfredi. Carrying the world cup was captain Simone Giannelli.

About 50 fans and enthusiasts decided to wait for the Italvolley coach. As the Azzurri arrived, there were many choruses and cheers for Giannelli and teammates.

Malagò: “We are the national team of modern times.”

“We are the national team of modern times, no one has won four World Cups like us, this must make us remember the history of volleyball.” This was said by Coni President Giovanni Malagò addressing President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella during the visit of world champion Italvolley to the Quirinale. “An incredible team, 24 years of average age, born from a formidable intuition of President Manfredi after a major disappointment in the adventure to Tokyo 2020 where we had gone with different expectations. Intuition that I believe was decisive, that is, to put at the head of this team a man whose technical and human esteem and consideration has no bounds. Fefè De Giorgi, on his fourth world championship win,” he added.

Mattarella: “An unforgettable evening.”

“My most affectionate and heartfelt congratulations, it was an unforgettable evening. Congratulations also to President Manfredi who seemed to me yesterday at the award ceremony to be the most emotional of all. It was an unforgettable evening.” This was said by President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella addressing the blue world volleyball champions, received at the Quirinale. “I saw you last night, I was not able to watch the match with France and Slovenia, but in the final I saw you from the first to the last serve,” he added, also indulging in a joke: “To have handed the first set to the Poles was a gesture of courtesy to the courteous and sporting public of Katowice. Fairness and mutual respect between the teams that meet is a typical trait of volleyball,” he added, “I hope it will always remain that way, it is an example for all other sports.

Giannelli hands autographed ball to Mattarella

World champion Italvolley captain Simone Giannelli handed an autographed ball from all the Azzurri to President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, who received at the Quirinale the Italian delegation that returned from Poland today. “It is an honor for all of us to be here, we still don’t realize well what we have done,” Giannelli admitted in his speech, “We have a beautiful legacy on our shoulders, that generation of phenomena that did something extraordinary by elevating volleyball to another level. I’m glad we brought Italy back to where it was 24 years ago, we did it with our own style, made of smiles and joy to be on the court. And we did it at all times, both when we were playing well and when we were down in the score. That was the special thing, in some moments it didn’t even feel like we were playing a World Cup final. This is what led us to be who we are.”

Draghi: “You exemplify what young Italians are capable of.”

After the move to the Quirinale, the Azzurri went to Palazzo Chigi where they met with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “Team spirit and unity of purpose always pay off, and not only in sports”: this was the premier’s comment. “You are the example of what young Italians are capable of. You are not only professionals but also champions,” the premier added. “Italian volleyball, after the disappointment of the Olympics, has treasured the defeats and renewed itself, as only great traditions know how to do.” Simone Giannelli also presented Draghi with a ball autographed by all national team players. The Prime Minister thanked, “Thank you very much, I care about this, he says.” The premier also mentioned the Azzurri captain in his greeting to the team: “His performance was recognized as the best of the tournament,” he said. The premier then warmly thanked coach Ferdinando De Giorgi. “No moments of anxiety?” he asked. “Anxiety is always there,” the blue coach’s reply.


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