The complaint of the family of a 36-year-old deaf-mute man of Roma origin, Hasib Omerovic. He has been hospitalized since Aug. 5

Hasib Omerovic ended up falling out of the window after being beaten at home during a search. This is the complaint that comes, in Rome, from the family of a 36-year-old deaf-mute man of Roma origin.
On August 5, Mr. and Mrs. Omerovic/Sejdovic, who have four children, two minors and two disabled adults, filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office in which they report the events that took place on July 25: four people in plainclothes and without warrants, qualifying as police officers, allegedly entered the apartment where, in addition to the victim, Hasib, his disabled sister was present. After a scuffle, the 36-year-old allegedly fell through the window, from a height of 8 meters. Since that day Hasib Omerovic has been hospitalized in a coma at Gemelli Polyclinic.
Inside the home, after the scuffle, the handle of a broomstick was reportedly found split in two and numerous blood stains on clothes and sheets, with Hasib’s bedroom door smashed in.
As a result of the complaint, the hypothesis advanced by the prosecutor is that of attempted murder.

Today, at a press conference organized at the press room of the Chamber of Deputies, in the presence of Fatima Sejdovic, the victim’s mother, Congressman Riccardo Magi, Carlo Stasolla, spokesman for Associazione 21 luglio, and the family’s lawyers, Arturo Salerni and Susanna Zorzi, the details of the case were explained.
“I want to know the truth of what happened in those dramatic minutes inside my home,” said Fatima Sejdovic, “My son is now in a coma, my family’s life irreparably devastated. We had to move away from our home because we are afraid and we are waiting for a new location from the City of Rome. As a mother I will not cease to do everything to know the truth about what happened to my son and act accordingly.”
According to deputy Riccardo Magi, who has submitted a question on the case to the Ministry of the Interior, “in the face of this tragedy and the still-unclarified dynamics that make it even more shocking, Hasib’s family demands and deserves clear answers and quickly. The mother has decided to show the shocking image of her son lying on the asphalt after having crashed, in the hope that public attention will help her obtain truth. Democratic institutions all have a duty and together a need for the same truth.”
Carlo Stasolla, spokesperson for Associazione 21 luglio, an organization that also follows and supports the family from a legal standpoint, said, “On this affair, which still has unclear profiles, it will be important for the work of the Judiciary to take its course without interference and pressure and for democratic institutions to guarantee Hasib’s mother the achievement of the truth to which she is entitled. On this, as July 21 Association, we will pay the utmost attention.”
Associazione 21 luglio on its website has launched an appeal with a collection of signatures addressed to Chief of Police Lamberto Giannini, to ask, as far as it is within his competence, to help shed light on what happened on the morning of July 25 in the Primavalle apartment where Hasib lived.

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