Two 32-year-old men arrested and charged with attempted murder after a bar fight

Two people have been arrested on charges of attempted murder because they are believed to be the perpetrators of a beating that took place in front of a bar in Rome’s Primavalle neighborhood.

The two, both 32-year-olds from Rome, arrived in front of the bar and began hitting a man with sticks, according to reconstruction by police at the police station. The two continued to attack the victim, who had fallen to the ground in an attempt to flee, with kicks and punches.

Police who intervened following a report of an assault, found the man lying in a pool of blood. The victim was rescued and transferred to St. Philip Neri Hospital where he struggles between life and death. Through the testimonies of those present and images from video surveillance cameras, the two assailants, who fled in a car, were located and tracked down not far away. Both were arrested on charges of attempted murder. Investigations are ongoing to clarify what happened and trace the motive behind the beating.

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