A minister based in Milan will still have to travel to Roma for work.

La Lega leader Matteo Salvini’s idea to move the Ministry of Innovation to Milan? “It doesn’t matter where the ministry is but what it does. Those are contentions you give: after the ministry is in Milan what does it change for the Milanese? The situation gets worse, because that minister, if summoned by the Prime Minister, would have to go to Rome. I understand The proposal but it is a symbolic gesture.”

Thus Ignazio La Russa, vice-president of the Senate and co-founder of Fratelli d’Italia, speaking to journalists in Milan at the presentation of FdI candidates in the Lombard capital and province in the September 25 elections.a presentazione dei candidati nel capoluogo lombardo e in provincia dei candidati di FdI alle elezioni del 25 settembre.

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