The "Festival dedicated to Italian creativity," organized by the Consulate of Italy, hosts a series of events throughout the month of September

The Consulate of Italy in Detroit, in collaboration with the Dante Alighieri Society of Michigan is organizing ‘LoveITDetroit’: a celebration of Made in Italy in the United States and the Metaverse. A “Festival dedicated to Italian creativity,” which will unfold through a series of events throughout the month of September, with a permanent installation of Made in Italy products, a parallel presence in the metaverse, and a series of events (in the physical world and the ether) that will transform the local event into a global platform to connect to from anywhere in the world. Architect and designer Roberto Palomba has created and curated an installation that can be visited throughout September (1 to 30) 2022, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 1001 Woodward Ave. The Consulate aims to tell the story of Italian creativity, declined in its three dimensions (economic, cultural and scientific), both in person and through connectivity in the metaverse.

“There is no doubt that our country is among the most beloved in the world for its celebrated traditional aspects: art and architecture, Made in Italy and design, our culinary excellence and wines, music, nature and landscapes. But we must also remember that Italy is the eighth economic power in the world and the fifth country in the world for manufacturing; the first country in Europe for corporate investment in R&D, one of the world’s largest players in renewable energy, the first circular economy in Europe, a major player in the global luxury industry,” said Consul of Italy in Detroit Allegra Baistrocchi, “The ambition is to spread awareness of a contemporary, technologically advanced and innovative Italy.”

Consul Baistrocchi explained that Love IT Detroit was born from the idea of not only promoting a contemporary Italy but also with the ambition of introducing the world to the beautiful city of Detroit. “Detroit is the only Unesco design city in the United States, so it was logical to use design as a way to connect and make the event happen right here. We are in an incredibly vibrant city where you can find anything cultural at any time-from great street graffiti to the Detroit Institute of Art (one of the best museums in the country); you can find fantastic jazz cafes and underground rap battles or go to the Detroit Opera House or to listen to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.”

It is with this in mind that the Consulate has decided to participate in the Detroit Design Month event for the first time with thirty days of free exploration, showcasing the works of some of Italy’s most influential brands, along with themes of innovation-uniting Detroit and Italian industry leaders-as never before in a breathtaking setting designed by internationally renowned Italian architect and designer Roberto Palomba, whose hallmark emerges from his ability to combine a contemporary vision of society and user needs with a deep understanding of the historical and cultural roots of design, producing results that blend past and future. “I am honored to have received the invitation from the Consul to be the Italian Ambassador of Design last March as I immediately felt an empathetic connection with the city of Detroit. From that experience was born this incredible project with which we intend to bring more Italian-ness to the Rebirth of Detroit,” reported architect Palomba.

The set-up will take shape in one of the most prestigious locations right in the city’s center: 1001 Woodward, 500 square meters of street-side space in Detroit’s main square, thanks to the Consulate’s collaboration with the Bedrock company. Studio Palomba Serafini Associati has designed the exhibition, which will be held throughout September 2022 and will involve the best brands in the Italian scene, envisaging the involvement of the sectors that traditionally most characterize Italian creativity in the world such as fashion, food & beverage, automotive and furniture and much more.To further amaze the participants, Love IT Detroit will also take place in the Metaverse, in parallel with the event to be held in Detroit. There will be a highly immersive virtual exhibition-where the virtual and real worlds will interact.

The Love IT Detroit Metaverse, created by Wedoo (an international innovation company with offices in Turin and Rome, as well as here in Michigan), will be a digital twin of the physical environment and is built using a platform developed in Unreal Engine (the same technology used for popular video games such as Fortnite) in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, which will allow guests to “live” an immersive and interactive experience, exploring the key themes below. With 24/7 access, visitors will be able to tour the virtual space, interacting with the exhibition and brands at their own pace-it will be a truly global event accessible to all.

It will be possible to reach the Metaverse starting Sept. 1 at, and this is the first time a government agency has hosted an event in such a mode. In addition to the possibility of being able to view the installation for the entire duration of Detroit Design Month (in its physical location, where it will be possible to access guided by the DDM program that already counts about 60 installations and a rich program of events, as well as in the Metaverse) it is also planned to organize “Pop Up” events with a focus on the various declinations of Design Made in Italy: aerospace, mobility, fashion, food & beverage, furniture, graphics and digital arts and last but not least education (thus also providing an invitation to schools and universities). The events are all free admission and open to the public, but reservations are required as places are limited.

“I am starting a movement. Yes, it’s about Italy in Detroit, but it’s also made to introduce Detroit to the world, a city not always on the tourist maps that has a lot to offer,” commented Consul Baistrocchi, “Design will become the Consulate’s means to weave a network between Italy and America in highly experiential, collaborative, multidimensional, multi-sensory and passion-fueled ways. For the love of Italy, for the love of Detroit and for the love of design.”

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