A busy week for the Forza Italia deputy representing Italians living in North and Central America

It has been a busy week for the Hon. Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald, the Forza Italia deputy elected in North and Central America who is fighting to broaden the horizon of ius scholae to those who are already Italian citizens. Nissoli Fitzgerald spoke in the Chamber on June 29, pointing the finger at the government accusing it of de facto ensuring that paths to citizenship exist only for foreigners.

From the unified text “there is the idea of a world where borders do not exist and there is a desire to guarantee, even to young foreigners, the right to acquire citizenship. That is a positive thought, not a limiting one, but in reality, this is not the case,” the parliamentarian explained. The new law is a text, she added, from which emerges “no desire to recognize a right because, otherwise, a basic rule would apply: equal rights for all.”

“My mandate,” she went on to explain, “leads me to listen to the needs of all compatriots in my Electoral Division, and in that logic in this period I have collected, together with friends of the center-right in Canada, several solicitations, from compatriots residing in Canada, on the issue of the production of the Certificate of Validity of the Italian driver’s license to the Canadian authorities to shorten the path to obtain the Canadian driver’s license.”

Nissoli Fitzgerald celebrated U.S. Independence Day at Villa Taverna, with The Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the United States of America Thomas Smitham, President Antonio Tajani, Vice Speaker of the House, Hon Andrea Mandelli, and colleagues Hon Annagrazia Calabria and Hon Alessandro Cattaneo.

The week ended in the Montecitorio Press Room to present the Sagra delle Regne (sheaves of wheat) of Minturno, which is also celebrated in Canada. Thanks to my friend Attilio dell’Anno and the entire municipal administration and the various civil and religious leaders who wanted to explain the importance of this traditional festival within what I like to call the House of Italians and that is our Italian Parliament in Rome.

It is an ancient tradition centered on thanksgiving to Our Lady of Grace for the wheat harvest. An important fact in the times of our peasant civilization that makes us remember especially in this time of crisis due to the war in Ukraine,he importance of wheat from which bread, the staff of life, is derived!


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