“We want a fresh look at a lead concerning a suspect named in an old police file who was never investigated properly, as well as DNA found on anonymous letters,” attorney Valter Biscotti said.

Families of victims of a serial killer who terrorised Florence in the 1970s and 80s are demanding a new investigation into one of Italy’s darkest unsolved mysteries, a lawyer for the families told the French news agency AFP, reports the Guardian.

Relatives of three victims have formally asked prosecutors in the Tuscan city to look afresh at potential leads into the so-called “Monster of Florence”, believed to have murdered 16 people.

“We are looking for the truth, with a new investigation, and we’re convinced that there are elements in the old case files that were wrongly overlooked,” lawyer Valter Biscotti told AFP.

The victims were all couples, killed with the same Beretta pistol. Most were attacked in cars, during or just after having sex. Mauriot, murdered in her tent, was one of four women whose breasts or pubic areas were mutilated.

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