Luca Morini, who allegedly spent church funds on parties and escorts, was exposed by an Italian TV show

Luca Morini served as a priest in the Tuscan village of Pontasserchio before being defrocked by the Vatican amid a series of scandals, culminating with a court in Massa Carrara sentencing him on Wednesday to seven and a half years in prison for extortion.

He was also convicted of assuming a false identity after masquerading as a judge when hiring male sex workers but acquitted on charges of extorting a nun, drug dealing and money laundering.

Morini was reportedly considered “a good-natured priest” when he first arrived in Pontasserchio, a village of about 2,600 inhabitants close to Pisa. But he soon earned the nickname Don Euro after persuading his mostly elderly parishioners to donate generously to the church’s collection plate, with the money allegedly being splurged on parties, diamonds, luxury holidays with sex workers and visits to swingers’ clubs.

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