“These pages are dripping with blood, they can’t be bought and sold, become a collector’s item,” said Mario Calabresi, a former editor of La Repubblica newspaper and son of a police commissioner killed in 1972 by a far-left group.

Rome’s Bertolami auction house sold the historical document for €26,000 ($28,960) on Thursday, far surpassing its original estimate of €1,300-1,700.

A former prime minister and leader of the Christian Democrats, Moro was kidnapped and later killed by the Red Brigades, who were responsible for dozens of deaths in violent attacks during Italy’s “Years of Lead” in the 1970s and 80s.

Bertolami wrote in the auction notes that the leaflet was an original propaganda flyer the Red Brigades distributed to the press the day after the kidnapping, and the first of a series.

Printed on Red Brigades letterhead and featuring the group’s characteristic star within a circle, the document opens with the statement, “Thursday March 16 an armed cell of the Red Brigades kidnapped and imprisoned in a prison of the people ALDO MORO, president of the Christian Democrats.”

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