LaPresse founder and president, Marco Durante speaks out on the top issues of the day: Italian elections, LaPresse, and Covid.

This is an extremely important moment for our country. We were hit hard, and hit the first, by the Covid pandemic but we were able to pull through the first wave.  Today we have a prime minister recognized by the international community for his ability to manage a country in crisis, and whom we cannot afford to lose. And the appointment of the president in this particular context is even more delicate. If Mario Draghi becomes President, he would leave the government without a strong chief, just at the moment that we would have to manage the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The center-right proposed Silvio Berlusconi, a divisive figure at a time when unity is the only categorical imperative. The death of European Parliament President David Sassoli has taught us, we hope, that there can be a ‘kind’ way of doing politics and managing public affairs. The man who more than any other can embody these characteristics is the current president, Sergio Mattarella. Although he has repeatedly reiterated his absolute desire to end his tenure in the Palazzo Quirinale, I continue to hope that he can accompany us a little longer on this difficult and delicate path, leaving the task of leading the government to Mario Draghi. 

The publishing crisis comes from afar, unfortunately, certainly long before Covid, which has definitively ditched the printed word. For an entrepreneur like me it is therefore essential to find new ways to increase revenues. This means we must look beyond Italy and outsource our news product. 

From January 1, LaPresse, thanks to its partnership with the Associated Press, has opened offices in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Miami, offering a duplicate of what our company has been successfully producing in Italy for decades: photos, videos and texts, distributed by both AP and LaPresse. Each city has a dedicated LaPresse website, with news, insights, videos, interviews and surveys. We cover international news with an always-attentive look at local news, too.

Omicron hit us hard again, at the moment we hoped we were almost out of danger from Covid. An extremely contagious variant but, fortunately, less lethal than previous variants. Vaccines are the only weapon to protect us from this pandemic, which I have repeatedly called the Third World War. In Italy the vaccination campaign is proceeding quickly and the hospitals seem to be holding up. 

I have contracted Covid myself and I know how dangerous this virus can be. I risked my life and was forced to wear that oxygen mask, which we all have come to know in the images that come to us from intensive care. It was terrible. This is why I would like to say to everyone: let’s get vaccinated, because only when the whole world has the possibility to access vaccines, can we eradicate the enemy, an enemy that must be fought together, by remaining united and resolute.

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