The Pescara Group has won the tender of the European Commission's Directorate-General for 200 million euros in four years

Pomilio Blumm has won the tender of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for 200 million euros in four years. The agency will be responsible for the design and implementation of multilingual campaigns and communications in all EU Member States, in particular the subject of the campaigns will be the policies, programs and activities of the European Union under the responsibility of the institutions and participating organizations. , with particular emphasis on its political priorities.

«This is a project of gigantic proportions – comments Franco Pomilio, president of the agency -, aimed mainly at the market of over 500 million citizens that we now know well. The next goal is to expand into new partnerships with media centers that are able to offer international coverage to be able to support us in the campaigns that see us at work in different continents “.

The Pescara Group is also engaged in the creation and management of events at the Dubai Expo on behalf of the European Union, and this assignment is part of a framework contract for a total of 20 million euros. In recent months it has also acquired new contracts for a total of over 130 million that will develop over the next few years. “We have worked very intensely on research and development – explains Franco Pomilio -, developing new patents that have significantly affected company margins, as shown by the rankings published by the Sole 24 Ore and the Financial Times, which once again include us among the ‘growths’ heads’.

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