About 4 million students are resuming classes today

Back to ring the bell in Italian schools. About 4 million students are resuming classes today in 9 regions plus the autonomous province of Trento: it is the third academic year of the Covid era, and the big news is the introduction of mandatory vaccines and green passes for school staff and parents, in case they have to enter institutions.

The prevention measures in the classroom remain similar to those of last year (with the obligation of a mask and open windows) and the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, speaking to SkyTg24, ensures that the school will remain open or in any case it will be the last thing to close. “In the event that there is a risk, unlike in previous years, attention will be paid to that class or that school. In the presence of risks, targeted action is taken. We are all very attentive, especially to others, finally solidarity is once again the fundamental point of our security ”. 

So Bianchi added: “Distance learning, that of last year that replaced the classroom, I count on having left it behind us – he concludes -, we must instead resume the discussion with our students on digital with great serenity. There are many ways to use technology in a positive way, to expand, to open, not to close “.

Doubts remain related to controls and the ‘Green pass verification’ platform, with which managers must ascertain the validity of the anti-Covid certificates of teachers and staff, to which are added the same concerns of past years, on the overcrowding of classes and the bad state of not a few institutes.

On this point, Attilio Fratta, national president of the DirigentiScuola union is clear: “From personnel to safety, to chicken coop classes, the problems are still the old ones and there are many things to do”. But about vaccines he has no doubts: “We wasted months discussing them: the truth is that they should not be mandatory if we lived in a country where people consciously go to vaccinate – he explains -. But if the citizen does not understand, then it is necessary to impose it and if it cannot be forced, then the green pass is reached in all school environments, not only for the staff but also for the parents ”.

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign continues and the ‘green pass’ policy seems to work better on young people than on adults: almost 2 million 12-19 year olds are already immunized (41%) and over 60% of the very young have started the vaccination cycle. While as regards the age group of university students, the percentage of ‘vaccinated’ already reaches 80%.

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