Greenpeace’s Grimanis said the project means “exposing endangered species and crucial ecosystems to unbearable noise and pollution from seismic blasts and deep-sea drilling operations. And for what? To keep burning oil and gas, one of the dirtiest and most expensive energy sources, when the climate crisis demands we urgently walk away from them.”

Greenpeace  renewed calls against proposed deep-sea oil and gas exploration off southwest Greece, warning of “unbearable” consequences to endangered Mediterranean whales and dolphins, AP reports.

Greenpeace Greece official Kostis Grimanis said the project should be scrapped before “it starts to wreck the Mediterranean.”

The appeal came as the environmental group published new research on sea mammal populations in parts of the miles-deep Hellenic Trench, including areas that would be affected by prospecting.

The three-week summer project, in cooperation with the Athens-based Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute, detected 35 endangered sperm whales and dozens of dolphins — some threatened — in depths of up to 4,200 meters (13,800 feet).

Greenpeace said sound-sensitive cetaceans — whales and dolphins — would be at risk from the deafening sonic blasts used in undersea prospecting. Greek officials counter that strict environmental safeguards will be observed.

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