Germany's main opposition party on Monday celebrated its victory in a Berlin state election re-run made necessary by serious voting glitches in 2021.

The Party argued that the result shows the party can appeal to voters in urban areas with center-right policies that include tough talk on immigration, according to AP.

The center-right Christian Democratic Union of former Chancellor Angela Merkel has struggled for years with declining support in major cities and last governed the capital in 2001. On Sunday, the party received 28.2% of the vote, gaining 10 percentage points as the three parties that made up the leftist regional government all lost supporters.

“This re-election result shows that the CDU can win in big German cities,” the party’s main candidate, Kai Wegner, told reporters.

He planned to hold talks with the center-left Social Democrats and the environmentalist Greens about swiftly forming a new coalition government. Both of those parties received 18.4% of the vote, a particularly grim result for the Social Democrats of Mayor Franziska Giffey, who took much of the blame after the chaotic election failures two years ago.

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