Britain’s opposition Labour Party on Monday pledged to scrap Parliament’s unelected upper house if it wins government as part of a raft if policies intended to stake out Labour's ground for the next election, AP reports.

The left-of-center party has been out of power since 2010, but has a big lead in opinion polls after months of scandal and economic turmoil for the governing Conservatives.

Labour is seeking to cement its place as a government-in-waiting with a raft of policy proposals it says will transfer decision-making power from the central government in London to cities and regions around the U.K. Labour leader Keir Starmer said the current House of Lords is “indefensible” and he would replace it with an elected chamber it as soon as possible after taking office.

The next national election must be held by 2024.The House of Lords reviews legislation passed by the elected House of Commons, and for most of its 900-year history was composed of hereditary nobles. Reform of the Lords is a thorny issue that has bedeviled successive governments.

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