Class action lawsuit alleges celebrities and EthereumMax executives made ‘false and misleading statements’

The reality TV star Kim Kardashian and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr are among celebrities being sued over their promotion of an alleged “pump and dump” cryptocurrency scheme that investors say caused them to lose money, the Guardian reports.

According to a class action lawsuit filed in a California court, executives of EthereumMax, in collaboration with Kardashian, Mayweather Jr and the basketball player Paul Pierce, sought to enrich themselves by making “false and misleading” statements to investors.

Promotions by the company included an Instagram post to Kardashian’s 250 million followers that the head of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, Charles Randell, said may have had “the single biggest audience reach in history” for a financial product.

The value of the company’s EMAX tokens increased by as much as 1,370% after the media marketing blitz before crashing to an all-time low, the suit claims.

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