Roberto Benigni was awarded with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement

The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement of the 78th Venice International Film Festival (September 1–11, 2021) has been awarded to the director, actor, and screenwriter Roberto Benigni. The decision was made by the board of “La Biennale di Venezia”, which embraced the proposal of the Festival’s Director, Alberto Barbera. The director Jane Campion presented him with the award, commenting: “In this difficult moment for directors and for people all over the world, Roberto Benigni is necessary”.

The 78th Venice Film Festival, which will last until 11 September, kicks off after a year off. For the occasion, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella also arrived to attend the opening ceremony, greeted by a long applause and a standing ovation.

The actor gave a special thought to his wife, sitting in the audience: “A thought to my favorite actress, Nicoletta Braschi, to whom I cannot even dedicate this award because it is hers: it is yours, it belongs to you. We have been doing it all together for 40 years. I only know one way to measure time: with you or without you. We can share this prize: I take the tail, the rest is yours. The wings, above all, because if something has taken off in my life it is thanks to you ”. And he speaks of their love: “At first sight, at last sight. Or rather, in eternal sight “. 

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