In addition to have landed on the Moon 51 years ago, he was the first to take a selfie in space

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin blew out 91 candles. Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon 51 years ago. Two heroes who together were able to accomplish perhaps the most ambitious undertaking ever attempted in the history of humanity. The Apollo 11 was the first spaceflight that landed humans on the Moon. During his mission on Gemini 12 spacecraft Aldrin took the first, ever taken, selfie in space.

On Monday he has received the vaccine for Covid-19  and posted on twitter:” I want to thank all scientists, healthcare workers, and government officials who worked tirelessly to develop and distribute the Covid-19 vaccine in record time and safely, to the world. ” He also urged everyone to sign up for a vaccination.

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