Webuild's CEO comments on the acquisition of assets in Australia

“Today’s operation is a historic one for Webuild, which consolidates the growth strategy in low-risk markets, in line with the derisking policy adopted in recent years. With the integration of Clough, we become one of the major players in the sector, also in neighboring segments such as energy, defense plants and infrastructure, in a rapidly growing and continuously expanding market”.

This was the statement made by the managing director of Webuild Pietro Salini following the signing for the acquisition of assets of the Australian Clough.

“The integration of the skills of the people of Clough and Webuild will guarantee the realization of quality projects for customers and territories, and with this operation we have already demonstrated how a strong team spirit has already been created. Thanks go to all the parties involved for having worked so collaboratively and tirelessly to deliver an extraordinary result quickly despite the complexities of the different projects involved, time zones and distances”, the manager continues.

He says that “through the constructive efforts and collaboration of the team Webuild, Deloitte and Clough, people, clients, unions and all other project partners, we have ensured business continuity for some of the most strategic projects in the country”.

“For an Italian company to have a total backlog of over 12 billion euros and about 3,000 employees in Australia was a great undertaking, but we consider it only a starting point for a great collaboration with all the players in the country in which we count to continue to grow together”, Salini concludes.

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