Italy's large companies need information about the Superbonus program

(LaPresse) – “Italians are not fools, we are talking about a shameful falsehood. We are talking about a decree law that comes into force when it enters the official gazette and is already operational. Conversion must be done within sixty days and there is and time to do it. The point, however, is that we do not understand how all political forces remain insensitive to a problem that is not Giuseppe Conte’s but a systemic one. Today, at least 30-40 thousand companies with more than 49 thousand employees are skipping this because the transfer of credits is stranded for all the interventions made by this government prejudicially opposed to the superbonus. The state has a moral obligation to give an answer.”

Giuseppe Conte said this after speaking at the Confcommercio headquarters in Rome. “Today the political forces masquerading behind this falsehood are adopting a shameful attitude. We have submitted an amendment that all political forces can vote for on Tuesday if they care about the fate of all companies and workers in the supply chain. Today we are still with a positive GDP only thanks to the construction sector. It is shameful to turn our heads the other way,” Conte added.

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