“We might have to reduce how frequently we include meals with meat going forward, so we can keep providing to as many families as possible, as long we find alternatives to keep the nutritional value.”

 A truck backs up with dozens of boxes of tomatoes, onions, carrots and peppers, and parks near a remote makeshift kitchen at a small swimming complex in Lebanon’s rural Bekaa Valley, reports Al-Jazeera.

Omar Abdullah of Lebanon-based NGO Sawa for Development and Aid sighs as he reads through the receipt. “Food items keep getting more expensive,” he tells Al Jazeera. “The price of vegetables has more than tripled.”

Abdullah is running the NGO’s annual Ramadan kitchen, where a team of Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian cooks and volunteers prepare hot meals for 1,500 Syrian refugee and Lebanese families, and food baskets for others in the cash-strapped country.

“Even here in this building that is far from everything, we receive dozens of families every day asking if they could sign up to get meals at night,” Abdullah says, frazzled as he tries to follow up on food deliveries.

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