Italian man dies fighting alongside Ukrainians

"He felt he was in the right place," said the mother of Benjamin Giorgio Galli, a 27-year old with Dutch and Italian citizenship, originally from Varese.

A 27-year-old Italian foreign fighter has died in Ukraine. Benjamin Giorgio Galli was originally from Varese but had Dutch citizenship. This was confirmed to LaPresse by his mother Mirjam Van der Plas. “My husband and I are in Kiev where we are waiting for the documents to be able to repatriate the body of our son to Holland where he is a resident,” said the woman contacted by telephone. According to initial reconstructions Galli, a member of the international brigade fighting alongside Kiev forces, was reportedly killed by a cluster bomb.

Benjamin “was satisfied with his choice. He knew he could die but he felt he was in the right place.” “From what we know happened last Monday in the Kharkiv area,” said the woman reached by phone, “he decided to leave because he wanted to help people who were in trouble because of this war that he called a great injustice. The young man then joined the international brigade fighting alongside Kiev forces. “There he found great people, brothers in arms,” the woman concluded, “they told us that he was keeping up the morale of the whole company.


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