For over a decade, Russian society has been bombarded with hardcore, revanchist propaganda. The West did not take note.

A typical Russian soldier who is fighting now in Ukraine is about 20 years old. He was born under Vladimir Putin, went to school under Vladimir Putin, was conscripted, and died, or lost his limbs, under Vladimir Putin, writes Europe’s Edge.

His commanding officer, a young second or first lieutenant, is not much older. With the exception of maybe a few months, he has also lived his whole life under Putin’s reign. If both started to read pulp fiction at 15, a standard age for such reading, they have been caught by a perfect storm, because from 2014 — which marked the first Russian invasion of Ukraine — Russia’s “battle fantastic” has been underway.

“In the not so far future, the Kyiv junta follows orders from its US masters and starts a genocide of Russians in Southeast of Ukraine,” according to Ukraine in Blood, a work of fiction published in 2015. “Novorossiya is dying in a blood bath, but resists. Nazi murderers cannot win, so they call NATO for help. The fight is too unequal, so Russia remains the only hope. Only Russia can stop Banderite genocide.”

The book forms part of a series called Battlefield Ukraine, which includes Ukrainian Hell: It is our war!Ukrainian Front: Red Stars over MaidanBattlefield Ukraine: Broken Trident and Ukraine Aflame. A typical cover depicts victorious Russian troops, defeated and cowardly Ukrainian nationalists, and fearsome but destroyed US jets. The message is plain — this will be a bloody, but easy war. The message was loud and available in any bookstore. The authors and distributors hoped to plant a seed in the 15-years old boy that would flower into a 20-year-old soldier.

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