Ukraine: In the field with soldiers from Kiev and a Soviet-era rocket launcher

Ukrainians field a motley crew of weaponry, from a Russian-made "Stalin's Organ" to the most recent electronically-guided anti-tank weapons

The Ukrainian soldiers of the 93rd brigade stationed near the city of Izyum are using Soviet weapons to defend themselves from the Russian advance in the Donbass region.

According to British broadcaster Sky News, which followed the unit, this Soviet-era multiple rocket launcher, built in the 1960s, can fire 40 122mm missiles at a target 20km away in under 20 seconds. These are weapons that can cause enormous destruction over a large area and their use is strongly criticized by groups that protect human rights. 

Among the soldiers fighting near Izyum there are also those who use new generation light anti-tank weapons (NLAW), which, according to the broadcaster, come from Great Britain. They are capable of destroying tanks in one shot, but at a short distance. 

Getting a full picture of the ongoing battle in eastern Ukraine is very difficult at the moment, due to the constant airstrikes and artillery barrages that make journalists’ movements very dangerous. Furthermore, both Kiev and the pro-Russian separatists have also introduced severe restrictions on news leaked from the combat zones.

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